Book's Characters Book's Characters Private Sam Reavis Private Sam Reavis. Enlisted in CSA at age of 17. Survived Battle of Gettysburg. 170683296 Private Thomas Coghill Reavis Private Thomas Coghill Reavis. Wounded at Battle of Sharpsburg. 170683297 Bettie Best Reavis Bettie Best Reavis. Wife of T.C. Reavis on her wedding day. 170683295 Ella & Della Reavis Twins. Ella Reavis married John Pegram. Della Reavis married George Harris. 170684655 Hugh & Pattie Reavis and Family Pattie Wortham was daughter of Alex and Lucy Reavis Wortham. 170689136 Grave of Private Sam Reavis Grave site of Samuel Wesley Reavis, located on Spring Valley Lake Road in Vance County, in Wiggins Cemetery 172147378